Digital Dreamer with PORSCHE

The digital life has driven the revolutionary development of social media, e-commerce, and video entertainment platforms, with the products of Web 2.0 now fully integrated into people’s daily lives. In the world of Web 3.0, individuals will have more control and leading roles over their data. Co-creation and connectivity will be at the heart of using new technologies to build entirely new spaces. The transformation brought about by Web 3.0 is not solely about finance, nor is it just a matter of technological innards; fundamentally, it represents an expansion of human emotional cognition and creativity.

The conference invited Liu Xiu Yi, the Director of Art Strategy at the Modern Communication Group; Xie Mingxuan, a cyber-architect; and artists Guo Cheng and Zhou Jiangshan to engage in rich discussions on topics such as people’s perception of the virtual world, interaction, integration of multiple senses, and the transformation of future lifestyles.

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