Bit Tree

Bit Tree explores the dialogue between traditional symbols of wealth and contemporary digital currencies through digital media. This work borrows the metaphor of the Money Tree from ancient China, which is about the growth of wealth, combining it with the concept of Bitcoin. The piece features a tree filled with leaves resembling Bitcoins, each valued at 0.00001 BTC. Viewers can trigger an interactive effect that shakes the tree by clicking on the trunk in the image, causing the leaves to fall. This process makes the price of the work gradually increase with the harvested Bitcoin leaves, bringing potential value growth to collectors.

The work uses basic vector operations to simulate the shaking of the tree and the falling of leaves, creating natural effects of leaf shaking and falling by simulating gravity and air resistance. The artwork is drawn with SVG vector graphics, supporting infinite zooming in and out, ensuring a perfect fit on any screen, whether viewed in landscape or portrait mode.

This piece is developed using the p5.js programming library, which is widely used in generative art and digital art creation.

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