Kelan Ballad

Why do we use a multimedia immersive interactive performance to introduce Kelan?

The production and reading modes of the network era have shattered and even pulverized people’s time; social media has penetrated and constructed people’s understanding of things through fragmented reading, and intervened and naturally became a way of knowledge production. In today’s world immersed in new technologies, new media, and cross-media narratives, how can we reactivate the scene and use a local event to introduce a culture?

As Richard Schechner, an American theater scholar, pointed out that narrativity is dissolved, but the elements of performance survive everywhere. From Bertolt Brecht’s “alienation effect” in German theater to postmodern playwright Richard Schechner’s environmental theater that pushes theater to a more macro level of human performance studies. Today, visual arts, dance, music, drama and other art forms present different degrees of overflow; new media applications refresh people’s sensory experience; cognitive construction appears in different media applications.

Kelan is a place with rich historical resources and advanced scientific technology. From the Yang family generals’ station in the Northern Song Dynasty to the Jin-Sui Anti-Japanese War deeds; from the construction of China’s first independently built satellite launch base in the early days of liberation to creating a new record for China’s aerospace one-arrow 20-star launch. Kelan Ballad responds to the call to explore new types of performances and opens up an experimental frontier for cross-media and mixed-media performances.

How do we use multimedia immersive interactive performances today to introduce Kelan to people who are intertwined with history and point to the future?

Kelan Ballad is China’s first large-scale multimedia immersive interactive performance project that combines stage lighting, theater, song and dance , drama , music , immersive projection , multi-screen interaction , live shooting , film special effects , panoramic animation And other media means . It has China’s largest six-sided projection screen (2 , 884㎡).

The creative inspiration for Kelan Ballad comes from Kelan’s ancient battlefield , Song Great Wall , Lotus Leaf Ping , Satellite Launch Base as well as Kelan folk stories . The audience starts from the virtual scene constructed by Kelan Theater Memory Space Station . Follows Yang Ping’s memory through Kelan’s past life present life And future .

The narrative setting of Kelan Ballad begins with the architecture of the performance venue . The theater was transformed from Kelan Stadium . While retaining its historical structure it was transformed into a theater according to Kelan Ballad Memory Space Station ’s setting through exterior facade interior space And visual elements .

The overall performance highly integrates technological elements and Kelan culture . With six-sided giant screens opening up vision 16-channel 360° surround sound field constructs 5 time-space scenarios 23 visual scenes combined with 3 live performances 15 minutes six-sided panoramic animation A large number of film shooting And visual effects construct a new relationship between viewing And performing with audiences . Its performing arts narrative is immersed in an environment field constructed by many media together with audiences performers And environment Complete an unprecedented immersive experience for one hour .

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