Place Talk


Place-Talk is about conversation and places, exploring how local people from one specific site respond to the curiosity of people from other places. The idea is to have a travelling box as a metaphor of a traveller who is tired of travel guides websites and apps, and who wants to understand the destination via conversations with locals.The box itself is also a physicalisation in response to virtual dialogues.
There is a screen on the box, displaying messages from people who submit messages on the project website. In the real world, people can press button on the box to reply. Only when there is a physical world reply can a new message be sent from the virtual site.
The representation of this project is a re-telling of the box’s journey, including a visualisation of the box’s history conversation archive, and scheduled live events.
The box will keep traveling in the future, bringing “Place-Talk” to other destinations. Project website:


Exhibition Documentation


Website Demonstration