Art-Glossary Magazine


Art Glossary is a quarterly magazine, which focuses on new definitions of words by artists. Technologies give us more opportunities for creations, but definitions of art and design are more board and blurry than they used to be. The main question about this project is what your personal briefs or philosophies about your works are. We will collect the answer from artists and designers form different categories, and the collection of the definition will become an archive of the new definition such as a dictionary. More details


Data Balloon


Data balloon is an installation that is designed to identify the needs, significances and gatekeepers of communication between individuals in the society. The installation was placed around Monument Station. The passengers were invited to blow up the balloon through tube out side of the box. The breathes and time were recorded. There were 20 people participated. The idea behind is to discuss about the relationship between individual and mass and how they communicate. The box, balloon and tube represent collective force, individual as well as media.

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