Distance Between You and Me



Beyond Tags


BEYOND TAGS在运行中书写自身,讲述数字暴涨现实中,“自我”的流逝、降解、重组与更迭。全球互联网在1分钟内传送的数据大约为64000Gb, 软件的场景分工也界定了我们的每日产生数据的分类、流向与结构我们“提交”和“上传”的内容,是对“自我”意识的线上策展,而这些界定我们是谁的数据单元,也可能是数字时空里的牢笼。数据库是否内嵌不成文的规则,这些规则是否会反过来驯化与改写我们自己?意识在数字空间里的流动是否真的更自由?作品模拟当代社交软件的交互方式与逻辑,人们可以通过扫描二维码参与讨论、提交与上传内容。 Details »

Surveillance 2.0


Surveillance II is a piece composed of an arabidopsis plant and a digital screen. On the space station, normal arabidopsis plants used to be exposed under different environmental conditions for scientific examination. In Surveillance II, an arabidopsis plant is positioned in a “space capsule”, the micro-environment data (wind, light, air pressure) is synced with that of the location where the news takes place. Meanwhile, as a response to these “news radiation”, the oxygen released by the plant is also tracked and displayed in real-time. Details »



News Fish is a impromptu performance, co-operated with Sharky(red) and George(black). During the performance, Sharky & George are being tracked by a really-time analysis system, which shows the speed they are moving, the distance they have moved. In the performance, Sharky & George are talking to each other the latest news from BBC News Service in real time. The news is updating in every 10 seconds. The really-time analysis system are keep tracking Sharky & George’s movements and project the processed information back Details »

Switch me back on NOW


‘Switch me back on NOW’ is an immersive environment in which the interplay of sound and light invites viewers to experience and interact with the scientific data collected from the brain. The starting point for this work was an art and science collaboration with the MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit at the University of Oxford. Serena Porrati created a soundscape based on digital manipulation of four different brain neuron signals discovered by the researcher Paul Dodson. Each of the neurons has a unique voice Details »



Blossom is an interactive sculpture, that was made by geometric structure and mathematical calculation to simulate flower blossom. It works according to the ambient light and sound. Blossom is an interpretation of the understating of the principle of nature by human being. Geometry is a simplifying presentation of human being’s understanding of the rule of the nature shape or operation. The phrase of “Flowers Blossom and fade” in Chinese is a metaphor for the shortness of human’s life in relation to the endlessness of nature. Details »

Underground Psychology


Underground Psychology is dedicated to engage with underground users with the process of how information is generated. It includes data collection, analysis, presentation. There were 250 photos were collected from passengers in King Cross, Holborn, Picdicly circus London Tube station. Meanwhile the passengers’ emotion, time, location and weather also were collected. All the data were analysed by the ways of statistician of psychologist and release on Website, Facebook and twitter. More details undergroundpsychology.co.uk

Art-Glossary Magazine


Art Glossary is a quarterly magazine, which focuses on new definitions of words by artists. Technologies give us more opportunities for creations, but definitions of art and design are more board and blurry than they used to be. The main question about this project is what your personal briefs or philosophies about your works are. We will collect the answer from artists and designers form different categories, and the collection of the definition will become an archive of the new definition such as a dictionary. More details art-glossary.com


Data Balloon


Data balloon is an installation that is designed to identify the needs, significances and gatekeepers of communication between individuals in the society. The installation was placed around Monument Station. The passengers were invited to blow up the balloon through tube out side of the box. The breathes and time were recorded. There were 20 people participated. The idea behind is to discuss about the relationship between individual and mass and how they communicate. The box, balloon and tube represent collective force, individual as well as media.

Details »