Information in Style


“Information In Style: Information Visualization in the UK”was launched at CAFA Art Museum on September 20, 2013. The exhibition is supported by CAFA Art Museum, CAFA Design School, British Council and Beijing International Design Week. As part of the project, “Information In Style” symposium invited leading UK information designers and educators to deliver keynote speeches and to join panel discussion with Chinese professionals. Invited speakers include: CEO and curator of FutureEverything, Drew Hemment; Details »

Brave New World


Brave New World is a site specific participatory art-work, which invites participants to provide their views(image) and emotions to the real time analysis and visualization system through Twitter. The system will generate a collective image of emotions and images about the space in real time. The work is designed to make virtual communication tangible to explore the relationship between people’s perceptions and both coded physical and virtual spaces. The colour of the emotion is based by Plutchik’s wheel of emotions. Details »



Poll is a machine that can collect and visualise people’s emotions in a gallery space. Participants were required to provide one image and one emotion to the machine through a physical interface, and the machine will reward a visual interface of trend and number of emotions about the space. Therefore participant can explore the emotions and images which were provided by themselves in their own way. The name of the installation refers to Hans Haacke’s Poll which exhibited in MOMA in 1970. The colors of the emotion is Details »



“Fireflies” is intended to create a interface for the viewer to appreciate the beauty of nature and reflect on the fleeting nature of time within an urban setting. In Japanese philosophy, fireflies are often seen as representative of impermanence. Their short life spans of two to three weeks remind us of the fleeting nature of life, particularly in cases were they are taken to represent the human soul Every moment in time exists only for an instant before being consigned to the past, while nature is being eroded by concrete and artificial lighting.

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Information Anatomy


Information Anatomy is an installation, which is designed to create a multi-sensory experience of data engagement. Participants were invited to talk to the installation using one word, that can represent their “emotion”. The printer would print out an info-graph that is the analysis about the emotion provided few seconds later, including how many people participated, how many people expressed the similar emotion, and time, temperature and other related factors. The purpose of this artifact is for testing how people perceive and engage with data. Details »